Ethically Sourced Dairy Products

When you buy milk from The Little Big Dairy Co. you can rest assured that you are. We consider our cows our family, and our family is more important to us than anything.

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At the heart of our farm on the banks of the Macquarie River are two generations of our family who work tirelessly to bring you Australia’s best tasting Single Source dairy brand. We each have a role, working together through the supply chain.

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What We do to Make Sure We Sell Ethical Dairy Products in Australia

All of our cows are treated with the greatest care and quality treatments. Bull (male) and heifer (female) calves are all reared the same way on the farm, despite their different roles in the farming industry. We don’t use any hormones at all in treatments to make either one better for their futures. When they’re ready, local farms benefit from our cows, and we make sure they’re still looked after to high standards.

All of our milk is single source, meaning that the whole process is carried out on our Australian dairy farm in New South Wales. That way, we can make sure that everything is cruelty free and the animals are treated right. We do everything we can to keep our cows happy and healthy. And a happy cow means better milk for our customers to have the best health benefits.

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The Importance of Ethical Dairy Brands in Australia

In modern times, Australian’s are becoming more conscious about exactly where their food products are coming from and when it comes to dairy products, there is no exception. Ethical milk brands are becoming more and more popular as dairy products are a staple item that can be found in most households in the country, whether that be for a splash of milk in our cereal or a dash of cream in our coffee. With a shift to sustainable living and ethical consumption in the modern world comes an importance to take care of the world around us. Ensuring that you are purchasing and consuming ethical dairy products in Australia from ethical dairy farms is a large step in the right direction. Up there with the best of the cruelty free brands in Australia, you’re guaranteed to find 100% ethical cows’ milk at our farm here at Little Big Dairy.

But how can we be so confident that our dairy farming is ethical?

Good question. At our farm, ethics are a priority in everything that we do. The health and wellbeing of our animals is at the forefront of our minds at all times and we continuously take steps to ensure that they are happy and living a fulfilled life. Because happy cows mean better quality products as well as a minimal impact on the environment. Working ethically gives us pride in our farm, provides a great place to work, is better for the animals and environment, and gives our customers great quality dairy products. So when it comes to ethical dairy farms in Australia, we are only too happy to be at the forefront of the industry as one of the most ethical milk brands in Australia.

Producing Ethical Dairy Products is a Priority Here at Little Big Dairy

We describe our approach to dairy farming as ethical because it is. In every decision that we make on the farm and every step of the process, we aim to meet the highest possible standards. So from the cows that live on our farm to the land that we use, the environment where the cows live to the fantastic staff operating our day to day duties, our approach is unquestionable. At our farms, you’ll find:

  • Fresh, green grass at all times for our cows to consume 
  • Healthy cows that are well exercised, rested and free from stress
  • Unwavering care and passion for the wellbeing of our cows
  • No additional growth hormones to promote milk production
  • No over-milking of our cows

… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

At our farm, we do our utmost to ensure that our practices are ethical in all areas and are proud to be among the most ethical dairy companies in Australia. Milk production can have a huge impact if farmed improperly and unethically. The environment can be impacted in a negative way and you’ll lack some of the health benefits during consumption. So producing ethical dairy milk and ensuring that our products are available to all is very important to us at Little Big Dairy.
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Are You Sure You’re Buying Ethically Sourced Dairy Products?

We focus on the comfort of all of our cows. We milk them regularly to avoid mastitis, but we’ll never over milk them. We monitor milking but, as cows like routine, they often come for milking at the same time in the same place every day. They come for milking by choice and we keep track of when each cow has been milked and our up-to-date technology can track the milk and tell us which cow it has come from. This is important for the quality of our ethical dairy milk as we can trace back to different cows if they’re being treated and make sure their milk isn’t sent to you.

some customer love

Chris Edden

Our business has been using Little Big Dairy Milk for around 6 months. We love the flavour, the consistency and the people behind the company. Little Big have been great in supporting our business and we love working with them. Keep up the good work!

Verified Customer
Susan Reynolds

I am always searching for milk that has not been stripped of its natural creamy flavour. I am so pleased my search is over! As a farmer I believe happy cows produce better milk and applaud your animal care.

Verified Customer
Peter Traise

Always a pleasure to support a great product. Throw in an enlightened approach to modern Australian sustainable agriculture that directly profits the actual producers and its an absolute no brainer.

Verified Customer

Ethical Dairy Products Start with Happy Cows

We make sure that they always have access to fresh water and a balanced diet. We have all kinds of practices in place to make sure that they produce the highest quality milk, including growing our own pasture and fodder crops, and conserving them to create silage to use in the summer. Our ethical milk brand works with local vets and nutritionists regularly to make sure that we’re getting it right, but after 100 years in the dairy industry, you know we’re doing something right.

We use Fairtrade Ingredients

It’s not just our cows we look after, it’s the people we work with too. We make sure that our coffee, cocoa, and vanilla beans all come from Fairtrade farms where workers are being paid a fair wage and treated properly. We’re proud to say that we were the first dairy producer in Australia whose flavoured milk is certified as Fairtrade.

If you want to know more about our practices and where your milk comes from and make sure you’re buying ethically sourced dairy products, give us a call on 02 6887 3443. We love talking about our cows and our products and want you to know you’re getting the best milk we can offer.


Our Range

Full Cream
The highest quality, deliciously creamy, single source milk on the market. Like all our products, this award winner is traceable back to the very cow that made it. Available in a 1 or 2 litre HDPE plastic bottle.
Less Cream
Accredited as being Australia’s Champion Milk 2017, our less cream milk has all the flavour of our full cream milk, but a little less fat. Available in a 1 or 2 litre HDPE plastic bottle.
No Cream
Our no cream milk has had the cream delicately separated out, contains no added milk powder, has 0% fat content, and boasts extreme froth-ability. Available in a 2 litre HDPE plastic bottle.
Premium Non-Homogenised
For those looking for a less processed option, our premium non-homogenised milk has a lovely thick layer of cream on top that you can shake in or scoop out. Available in a 2 litre HDPE bottle.
Lactose Free
It is your favourite Full Cream milk, still full of flavour but without the lactose. Single Source milk, traceable back to the very cow that made it.
Available in a 2 litre HDPE bottle.
Fair Trade Coffee
Made in house and containing only 4 ingredients including real coffee, raw sugar and vanilla in full cream milk, this product is Australia's only Fairtrade accredited coffee milk. Available in a 500ml or 2 litre bottle.
Fair Trade Chocolate
Made right here on our farm with only 4 ingredients, including raw sugar, cocoa, vanilla and full cream milk, Australia's only Fairtrade accredited chocolate milk is one both adults and kids can enjoy. Available in a 500ml or 2 litre bottle.
Honey Malt and Vanilla
Truly addictive and 100% natural, this delicious drink contains less cream milk, local honey, malt extract and vanilla extract. A great sugar-free treat for all the family. Available in a 500ml or 2 litre bottle.
Pure Pouring Cream
With 42% butter fat content and no additives, people love our 100% pure pouring cream for cooking, whipping and butter making. Available in 300ml and 2 litre HDPE bottles.
Pure Double Cream
Available in 200g and 1 litre tubs, our award winning cream is so sweet, so thick and so luscious, it’s no wonder it was judged the number 1 cream in Australia in the 2018 Grand Dairy Awards.
Salted Butter
Indulge in the creamy perfection of our freshly churned Salted Butter - the newest addition to the Little Big family. With a perfect balance of creaminess and saltiness, each dollop will add richness to your favourite dishes.

Award Winning

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Unlike most dairy brands, 1km down the road from our milking parlour is our own processing plant. This means we can guarantee the traceability, quality and integrity of our Single Source milk.

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Our Single Source approach delivers high quality milk from source to supply that is traceable down to the very cow that made it. Bottled fresh daily in our on-farm factory, our milk has the perfect texture and stretch to enhance the taste of your coffee. Get to know how we produce better performing, more consistent and better tasting coffee.

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Stocking the Little Big Dairy Co brand differentiates your store as a purveyor of unique, high-quality produce, and attracts shoppers with an appetite for premium milk from an authentic, ethical dairy supplier. People who try our milk tend to become loyal consumers, which means they’ll keep coming back to your store.