We come from a long, proud line of dairy farmers; for over 100 years, our family has worked hard to sustainably produce the best milk you can buy. We do this because we're driven to keep farming. For us it's more than a business, it's what we live and breathe!

We're so excited to bring our Little Big Dairy Milk to you... it's everything we believe in, captured in a bottle.
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Australian Dairy Milk Company

We’re a Little Big Australian Dairy Company with a Great Big Heart

At Little Big Dairy Co, passion and heart are the main ingredients in everything we do. It’s there from the first step in the production process and all the way to your table. That’s why you can count on our products to deliver amazing flavour.

That commitment and passion make us something more than a milk company. We’re a family, and Australia is our home. We believe in taking care of our home, and that means sustainable farming and fair trade practices. When you choose our wholesale products or flavoured milks, you are supporting your local farmers and the Australian community.

Dairy Farming is Our Family’s Way of Life

We come from a long line of dairy farmers and it has been our way of life for more than 100 years. In that time, our family has fine-tuned every part of the production process. We’ve learned so much, and every generation continues to improve the way we do business.

The Chesworth name represents a lineage we’re proud to call our own. It truly is our way of life, and our children have taken up the mantle. Each of them has found a place in the family business, so you can rest assured that our family will continue this legacy of caring for years to come.

With 800 Holsteins, We Have a Big Family

Our company wouldn’t be possible without our herd of beautiful--and extremely happy--Holsteins. You see, we’ve learned a little secret over the years: the way our cows feel is important to what we do. It affects how much milk they are able to produce, and studies show it can even affect how the milk tastes!

It’s not all about our finished product, however. It’s also about being thankful for our way of life. Without our Holsteins, nothing we do would be possible. They’re as much a part of the family as any of us, and we like to take care of our own.

Our Neighbours Like Us Too

When it comes to taking care of our own, we like to think about every Australian as being a part of our family. That includes our fellow farmers, and that’s why we feed our cows from fodder produced entirely by local Australian farmers. When we support local farmers, we also support the local economy.

More than that, we are helping these families continue on in their own farming traditions. In that way, we’re helping to preserve the living history of Australia for future generations.

We’ll Never Stop Caring About What We Do

At the heart of our Australian owned milk brand is a tension between little and big, inspired by a belief that if you look after the little things, the big things will take care of themselves. Coming from a long proud line of dairy farmers, our farm has the advanced expertise of a large dairy, but the intimacy, attention-to-detail and innate passion of a small family Australian dairy farm. With a firm focus on the individual wellbeing of our cows, our community and the end product, we’re driven to sustainably farm and deliver delicious award-winning, high quality, single-source dairy produce that others simply can’t match. Try it out today and see for yourself how we measure up to the competition!

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We started the Little Big Dairy Co to deliver the best-tasting, 'Single Source' milk you'll drink to as many people as possible. It's our belief that this shouldn't be reserved for the lucky few. It should be readily available to many, supporting the economy in which it was made.

But what really makes us special is our herd of 800 beautiful Holsteins, born and raised on our farm. Each has a name, which we know by heart. They make us who we are, are it's either happiness and health that allow us to deliver over 8 million litres of milk every year.

The Little Big Dairy Co delivers high quality milk from one dairy, traceable down to the very cow that made it. It's the smallness of our process combined with our ability to supply these substantial quantities that allow us to share our milk with many.

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Single source

Little Big Dairy Co | Single Source Milk
Single source

'Single Source' means our milk is produced solely on our farm. Our farm on the Macquarie River in the Central West of New South Wales allows us to do this on a large scale; we see the product from start to finish, milking through to processing and into the bottle.

We like to think of 'Single Source' as our promise to you. It is our attention to detail that helps us ensure our milk is of the highest quality, traceable down to the very cow that made it.

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Full Cream Milk

Full Cream

The highest quality, deliciously creamy, single source milk on the market. Like all our products, this award winner is traceable back to the very cow that made it. Available in a 1 or 2 litre HDPE plastic bottle.

Less Cream Milk

Less Cream

Accredited as being Australia’s Champion Milk 2017, our less cream milk has all the flavour of our full cream milk, but a little less fat. Available in a 1 or 2 litre HDPE plastic bottle.

No Cream Milk

No Cream

Our no cream milk has had the cream delicately separated out, contains no added milk powder, has 0% fat content, and boasts extreme frothability. Available in a 1 or 2 litre HDPE plastic bottle.

Premium Non-Homogenised Milk

Premium Non-Homogenised

For those looking for a less processed option, our premium non-homogenised milk has a lovely thick layer of cream on top that you can shake in or scoop out. Available in plastic or glass.

Pure Double Cream

Pure Double Cream

Sold in glass jars, our award winning cream is so sweet, so thick and so luscious, it’s no wonder it was judged the number 1 cream in Australia in the 2018 Grand Dairy Awards.

Fair Trade Coffee

Fair Trade Coffee

Made in house and containing only 4 ingredients including real coffee, raw sugar and vanilla in full cream milk, this product is Australia's only Fairtrade accredited coffee milk. Available in a 500ml or 2L bottle.

Fair Trade Chocolate

Fair Trade Chocolate

Made right here on our farm with only 4 ingredients, including raw sugar, cocoa, vanilla and full cream milk, Australia's only Fairtrade accredited chocolate milk is one both adults and kids can enjoy. Available in a 500ml or 2L bottle.

Honey Malt and Vanilla

Honey Malt and Vanilla

Truly addictive and 100% natural, this delicious drink contains less cream milk, local honey, malt extract and vanilla extract. A great sugar-free treat for all the family. Available in a 500ml or 2L bottle.

Pouring Cream

Pouring Cream

With 42% butter fat content and no additives, people love our 100% pure pouring cream for cooking, whipping and butter making. Available in 300ml and 2L HDPE bottles.

Our next product

Our next product

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2018 AGDA - Champion

Awarded for:

Pure Double Cream

2017 AGDA - Champion

Awarded for:

Less Cream

2018 NSW DIAA - Gold

Awarded for:

Full Cream
Less Cream

2018 NSW DIAA - Silver

Awarded for:

Fair Trade Coffee
Honey Malt and Vanilla
No Cream
Pouring Cream
Pure Double Cream

2018 Sydney Royal - Gold

Awarded for:

Full Cream
No Cream
Pure Double Cream

2018 Sydney Royal - Silver

Awarded for:

Full Cream

2018 Sydney Royal - Bronze

Awarded for:

Fair Trade Chocolate
Pouring Cream

2017 NSW DIAA - Gold

Awarded for:

Full Cream
Pouring Cream

2017 NSW DIAA - Silver

Awarded for:

Fair Trade Chocolate
Fair Trade Coffee
Honey Malt and Vanilla
Less Cream
No Cream
Pure Double Cream

2017 Australian DIAA - Silver

Awarded for:

Fair Trade Coffee
Full Cream
Honey Malt and Vanilla
Less Cream
No Cream
Pouring Cream
Pure Double Cream

2017 Sydney Royal - Silver

Awarded for:

Full Cream
Less Cream
No Cream
Pure Double Cream

2017 Sydney Royal - Bronze

Awarded for:


2016 NSW DIAA - Gold

Awarded for:

Full Cream
Less Cream
Pouring Cream
Pure Double Cream

2016 Sydney Royal - Gold

Awarded for:

Full Cream

Where to buy

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  • 1 or 2 Café

    4/19 Bougainville St
    Griffith ACT 2603

  • 4 Seasons Coffee Shop

    71 Willoughby Rd
    Crows Nest NSW 2065

  • Ainslie IGA Supermarket

    9-11 Edgar St
    Ainslie ACT 2602

  • Alchemy Art & Food

    200 Fitzroy Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Ashcroft IGA Peisly St

    210 Peisley Street
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Ashcroft's SUPA IGA Summer Centre

    82 - 104 Summer Street
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Ashcrofts' South Dubbo IGA

    95 Tamworth Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • AuRevoir Vintage Van

    Schneiders Road
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Australian Heritage Motor Inn

    216 Brisbane Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Avoca Beach Theatre

    69 Avoca Dr
    Avoca Beach NSW 2251

  • B.Ash Cafe

    10b Byron Place
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Baradine Traders Pty Ltd

    39-45 Wellington Street
    Baradine NSW 2396

  • Bathurst Bernardis SUPA IGA

    72 Rankin Street
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • Bathurst City Centre Woolworths

    210 Howick Street
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • Bathurst Whole Food Co-Op

    5/49 William Street
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • Bathurst Woolworths

    121 Howick Street
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • Bean Culture

    5/47 Vicars St
    Mitchell ACT 2911

  • Bearded Brewer Coffee

    North Nowra NSW

  • Best Cellars

    91 Crown St
    Darlinghurst NSW 2010

  • Black Tambourine Coffee & Eats

    1/109 Brisbane Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Blackheath General Store

    248 Great Western Highway
    Blackheath NSW 2785

  • Blanchies Café and Diner

    1F Cooper St
    Cessnock NSW 2325

  • Blayney Bernardis SUPA IGA

    8-12 Farm Lane
    Blayney NSW 2799

  • Blayney Wholesale Foods

    Corner Lawson & Toolbar St
    Blayney NSW 2799

  • Blue Mountains Food Co-op

    Hapenny Lane
    Katoomba NSW 2780

  • Blue Sky Cheese

    7 Dalglish Street
    Mendooran NSW 2842

  • Board City Toukley

    150 Main Rd
    Toukley NSW 2263

  • Boatshed Market

    40 Jarrad Street
    Cottesloe WA 6011

  • Bourke St Butchery

    103 Bourke Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Bourkes Best Bites

    25-27 Oxley Street
    Bourke NSW 2840

  • Brahman Coffee

    6 Vallacott Street
    Denman Prospect NSW 2611

  • Bread Nerds

    Unit 4/92 Sawmill Circuit
    Hume ACT 2620

  • Burgess IGA (Khans)

    34 Linsley Street
    Cobar NSW 2834

  • Butcher Shop Cafe

    113 Mayne Street
    Gulgong NSW 2852

  • Café 51 on Nanima

    51 Namima Street
    Eugowra NSW 2806

  • Café Mocha

    1/103 Bateau Bay Rd
    Bateau Bay NSW 2261

  • Café on Louee

    82 Louee Street
    Rylstone NSW 2849

  • Cafe Sassy - Mobile Cafe

    18 Melton Street
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Cakes by Amy Rutherford

    64 Palmer Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Campbell IGA

    Shop 10 Blaymey Place
    Campbell ACT 2612

  • Canowindra IGA

    41 Gaskill St
    Canowindra NSW 2804

  • Catholic Care Canberra and Goulburn

    127 Phillip Ave
    Watson ACT 2602

  • Caves Beach IGA

    55 Caves Beach Rd
    Caves Beach NSW 2281

  • Chad's Bakery & Cafe

    88 Bolaro Street
    Dunedoo NSW 2844

  • Chamens Supa IGA

    56-60 Bathurst street
    Condoblin NSW 2877

  • Charnwood Top Shop

    121 Tillyard Drive
    Charnwood ACT 2615

  • Chifley Grocer

    20-22 Chifley Place
    Chifley ACT 2606

  • Church St Cafe

    15 Church Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Ciao Coffee

    Shop 1/7 Keppel Street
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • CJ Meats

    Highlights info row image 2 Chisholm Shops St
    Chisholm ACT 2905

  • CJ's Country Kitchen

    37 Castlereagh Street
    Coonamble NSW 2829

  • Clay by Redbrick

    2 David Street
    Canberra ACT 2612

  • Clementine Restaurant

    104 Meehan St
    Yass NSW 2582

  • Cobra St Minimart

    152 Cobra Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Coles Bathurst

    47 William St
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • Coles Dubbo

    Macquarie St & Bultje St, Dubbo SC
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Coles Mudgee

    Church St & Mortimer St, Mudgee Town Centre
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Coles Narromine

    Dandaloo St, Kierath's Shopping Square
    Narromine NSW 2821

  • Coles Orange

    Anson Street & Byng Street
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Coles Wellington

    128/140 Percy Street
    Wellington NSW 2820

  • Collector Fresh

    5178 Federal Highway
    Collector NSW 2581

  • Cook Friendly Grocer

    27 Cook Place
    Cook ACT 2614

  • Coolah Garden Cafe And Pantry

    33-35 Binnia Street
    Coolah NSW 2843

  • Coonabarabran Woolworths

    35 Dalgarno Street
    Coonabarabran NSW 2357

  • Coonamble Primary School

    Coonamble NSW 2829

  • Coonamble Supa IGA

    63 Aberford Street
    Coonamble NSW 2829

  • Corrective Services

    Wellington NSW 2820

  • Country Fruit Bathurst

    165 George Street
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • Cowra Woolworths

    3-9 Railway Lane
    Cowra NSW 2794

  • Cracked Cup Café

    1/2 Glebe St
    Kahibah NSW 2290

  • Craigmoor Estate

    815 Craigmoor Road
    Eurunderee NSW 2850

  • Crookwell IGA

    82-86 Goulburn St
    Crookwell NSW 2583

  • Dad's Deli

    Unit 10 79 Market St
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Dahab Cafe

    197 Brisbane Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Darlo Burger Bar

    203 Darling St
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • David Jones Bondi Junction

    Westfield Bondi Junction, 500 Oxford Street
    Sydney NSW 2022

  • David Jones Market Street

    86 -108 Castlereagh St
    Sydney NSW 2000

  • David Jones Wollongong Central

    200 Crown St
    Wollongong NSW 2500

  • David Payne Constructions

    Unit 1 /57 Douglas Mawson Drive
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Deakin IGA

    2-4 Fuff Place
    Deakin ACT 2600

  • Deck 56

    56 Brooks Parade
    Belmont NSW 2280

  • Delroy Park Woolworths

    1 Torvean Ave
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • DMC Meat and Seafood Centre

    55 Wheelers Lane
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Dowtos Family Meats

    6 Nanima Crescent
    Wellington NSW 2820

  • Drop In Espresso Bar

    107 Nelson Street
    Wallsend NSW 2287

  • Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre

    155 Darling Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Duncan's Fashions

    29 Opal St
    Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

  • Dunedoo 5 Star Supermarket

    32 Bolaro Street
    Dunedoo NSW 2844

  • East Bake

    7/55 Wheelers Lane
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Embassy Vegetarian Café

    36 Katoomba St
    Katoomba NSW 2780

  • Espresso Macchina

    7 Throsby Street
    Wickham NSW 2293

  • Farmers Choice Butchery

    273 Darling Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Farmers Feld Fresh Produce

    277 Auburn St
    Goulburn NSW 2580

  • Farmhouse Espresso

    Queanbeyan NSW 2620

  • Feathers Café

    66 Cassilis Street
    Coonabarabran NSW 2357

  • Fish River Roasters

    67 Corporation Ave
    Robin Hill NSW 2795

  • Food Works Nyngan

    68-70 Cobar Street
    Nyngan NSW 2825

  • Foodworks Canowindra

    94-96 Gaskill Street
    Canowindra NSW 2804

  • FoodWorks Condobolin

    24 Denison Street
    Condoblin NSW 2877

  • Foodworks Tottenham

    84-86 Umang Street
    Tottenham NSW 2873

  • Forbes Bernardis Supa IGA Plus Liquor

    159/173 Lachlan Street
    Forbes NSW 2871

  • Forbes Woolworths

    130-134 Rankin St
    Forbes NSW 2871

  • Fyshwick Car and Dog Wash

    289 Canberra Ave
    Fyshwick ACT 2609

  • Garden of Roses Cafe

    72 Gaskill Street
    Canowindra NSW 2804

  • George St Loft

    7/266B George St
    Windsor NSW 2756

  • Gilgandra IGA - Rosabella

    43/45 Miller Street
    Gilgandra NSW 2827

  • Good Eddy

    187 Lords Place
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Gryphons Caffe & Bar

    16 Barker St, Griffith ACT 2603
    Griffith ACT 2603

  • Harris Farm Markets Bondi Beach

    61-79 Hall Street
    Bondi Beach NSW 2026

  • Harris Farm Markets Bondi Westfield

    500 Oxford Street
    Bondi Junction NSW 2026

  • Harris Farm Markets Boronia Park

    126-128 Pittwater Road
    Boronia Park NSW 2026

  • Harris Farm Markets Bowral

    72-76 Station Street
    Bowral NSW 2576

  • Harris Farm Markets Broadway

    Bay Street
    Braodway NSW 2007

  • Harris Farm Markets Cammeray

    450 Miller Street
    Cammeray NSW 2062

  • Harris Farm Markets Drummoyne

    121-125 Victoria Road
    Drummoyne NSW 2047

  • Harris Farm Markets Edgecliff

    251-283 New South Head Road
    Edgecliff NSW 2027

  • Harris Farm Markets Erina

    Terrigal Drive
    Erina NSW 2576

  • Harris Farm Markets Glendale

    387 Lake Road
    Glendale NSW 2285

  • Harris Farm Markets Lindfield

    43 Lindfield Avenue
    Lindfield NSW 2070

  • Harris Farm Markets Manly

    245-259 Pittwater Road
    Manly NSW 2095

  • Harris Farm Markets Mona Vale

    10 Park Street
    Mona Vale NSW 2103

  • Harris Farm Markets Mosman

    1-3 Brady Street Mosman NSW 2088
    Mosman NSW 2088

  • Harris Farm Markets Orange

    150 Summer Street
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Harris Farm Markets Pennant Hills

    4-10 Hilcrest Road
    Pennant Hills NSW 2120

  • Harris Farm Markets Potts Point

    24-30 Springfield Avenue
    Potts Point NSW 2011

  • Harris Farm Markets Randwick

    73-109 Belmore Road
    Randwick NSW 2031

  • Harris Farm Markets St Ives

    166 Mona Vale Road
    St Ives NSW 2075

  • Harris Farm Markets Willoughby

    201 High Street
    Willoughby NSW 2068

  • Harvest Cafe & Store

    1 Kendall Avenue
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • High Valley Wine & Cheese Co Pty Ltd

    137 Ulan Road
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Hillside Harvest

    1209 The Escort Way
    Borenore NSW 2800

  • Hook'd on Coffee

    20 Mitchell Highway
    Wellington NSW 2820


    Shop 1 Farrer Place, Farrer Canberra ACT 2607
    Farrer ACT 2607

  • Ironbark Espresso Bar

    97 Adelaide Street
    Blayney NSW 2799

  • Jespresso

    14/20 Lee St
    Wellington NSW 2820

  • John Holland Rail Pty Ltd

    2L Frieght Drive
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Josie Coffee

    Newcastle NSW

  • Kanandah Retirement

    21 Douro St
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Kandos IGA Plus Liquor

    63-65 Angus Ave
    Kandos NSW 2848

  • Katoomba Woolworths

    34/30 Waratah St & Parke Street
    Katoomba NSW 2780

  • Khan's SUPA IGA Nyngan

    139 Pangee Street
    Nyngan NSW 2825

  • Khans Coonamble

    43 Aberford Street
    Coonamble NSW 2829

  • Khans IGA Bourke

    Cnr Sturt & Oxley Street
    Bourke NSW 2840

  • Khans IGA Cobar

    29 Marshall Street
    Cobar NSW 2835

  • Khans Supa IGA Lightning Ridge

    33-36 Opal Street
    Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

  • Kingston Corner Store

    6/81 Giles St
    Kingston ACT 2605

  • Kookaburra Kiosk

    Window on the Wetlands Centre, Oxley Hwy
    Warren NSW 2824

  • Kubrick

    Ellery Cresent Acton Canberra (ANU)
    Acton ACT 2601

  • Kynefin

    2-4 Victoria Street Hall, Canberra ACT
    Canberra ACT 2618

  • Kyo Coffee Project

    27 Lonsdale Street
    Braddon ACT 6565

  • Lambton Grocer

    114 Elder St
    Lambton NSW 2299

  • Lanyon High School (Breakie Bar Café)

    Heidelberg Street
    Conder ACT 2906

  • Leura Woolworths

    152-160 Leura Mall
    Leura NSW 2780

  • Lithgow Woolworths

    224 Mort St
    Lithgow NSW 2790

  • Little Ducks Canteen

    37 Gibraltar St
    Bungendore NSW 2621

  • Local Coffee Co

    124 Brisbane Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Long Arm Farm Café

    133 Oberon St
    Oberon NSW 2787

  • Long Point Coffee

    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • Lyttleton Stores

    1/2 Badgery Crescent
    Lawson NSW 2783

  • Magnolia Café

    1/73 Wheelers Lane
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Makeshift

    Nishi Building, Phillip Law St
    New Acton NSW 2601

  • Maryooch

    5 Joyce St
    Pendle Hill NSW 2145

  • Mesa Barrio

    3/9 Staples Cres
    Lawson NSW 2783

  • Mick and Paul's Fruit and Veg

    102 Gipps Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Midwest Foods

    2 Capital Drive
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Millthorpe Providore

    33 Victoria Street
    Millthorpe NSW 2798

  • Mink & Me

    100 Castlereagh Highway
    Coonamble NSW 2829

  • Morillas Cafe

    2 Morilla St
    Lightening Ridge NSW 2834

  • Morralls Bakery

    37-39 Mitchell Street
    Bourke NSW 2873

  • Moubar Vintage

    Ribbon Gang Ln
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • Mr Beans Coffee Emporium

    3/116-120 Maquarie St
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Mudgee Art House

    93 Market St
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Mudgee Bakery & Cafe

    28 Market Street
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Mudgee Corner Store

    72 Lewis Street
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Mudgee Lamb

    Shop 9 The Town Centre (coles)
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • Mudgee Woolworths

    88 Mortimer Street
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • My Bay Espresso

    6 Central Ave
    Salamander Bay NSW 2317

  • Nevertire Hotel

    Mitchell Highway
    Nevertire NSW 2831

  • New Age Café

    186 Parry St
    Newcastle NSW 2302

  • North Orange Woolworths

    Warratah Park, Telopea Way
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Old Windmill Bakery

    15 Miller St
    Gilgandra NSW 2827

  • One One Seven Bakery Cafe

    117 Dubbo Street
    Warren NSW 2824

  • Orana Mall Woolworths

    67 Wheelers Lane
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Orange Airport Cafe

    136 Aerodrome Road
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Orange Woolworths

    197-203 Anson St
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Origin Chocolate

    56 Valencia Drive
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Palette Dining

    92 Bathurst Road
    Katoomba NSW 2780

  • Parkes Cunningham’s IGA

    362 Clarinda Street
    Parkes NSW 2870

  • Parkes Woolworths

    299 Clarinda St
    Parkes NSW 2870

  • Perry the Feeder Food Truck

    53 Maitland Rd
    Mayfield East NSW 2304

  • Piccolo's Café

    626 Darling St
    Rozelle NSW 2039

  • Piccolo's On William

    4/40 William Street
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • Pink Orchid Café & Florist

    16-18 Bushman Street
    Parkes NSW 2870

  • Pisco Sour Café

    15 Meagher St,
    Chippendale NSW 2008

  • Postmasters Cafe

    57 Talbragar St
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Pressed Coffe Co.

     8 Hobart Pl
    Canberra ACT 2601

  • Prohibition Bottle Shop

    6/81 Giles St
    Kingston ACT 2604

  • Provisions Deli & Grocery

    56 Wallace Street
    Braidwood NSW 2622

  • Public Place - Chisholm

    42 Halley Street
    Chisholm ACT 2905

  • Public Place - Dairy Road

    1 Dairy Road
    Canberra ACT 2609

  • Rabbit Trap Hotel

    1 Federation Street
    Albert NSW 2873

  • Red Brick Espresso

    4/31-35 Curtin Place
    Curtin ACT 2605

  • Relish Salad Bar & Takeaway

    37-39 Bultje Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Riverdale Woolworths

    49-65 Macquarie St
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Riverside Markets Fresh Fruit & Veg

    Kendal St & Macquarie St
    Cowra NSW 2794

  • RSL Lifecare

    28 Landsdowne Drive
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Rumours Takeaway

    81 Umang Street
    Tottenham NSW 2873

  • Rylestone Friendly Grocer

    45 Lovee Street
    Rylestone NSW 2849

  • Sails at the Blue Lagoon

    79/85 Cobra St
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Saleyards Café

    2 Boothenba Road
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Second Mouse Cheese Co

    426 Mitchell Highway
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Shangri-La Hotel

    176 Cumberland St
    Sydney NSW 2000

  • Silo & Co

    Walgett NSW 2830

  • Simply D'vine

    151 Wine Country Dr
    Nulkaba NSW 2325

  • Six8 Coffee Roasters

    92 Meehan Street
    Yass NSW 2582

  • Some Cafe

    5/7 Murray St
    Collector NSW 2581

  • Sonjas Bed & Breakfast

    60 Butterfly Avenue
    Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

  • Southern Smoke Café

    Toronto, NSW NSW 2283

  • Spar Bourke

    5 Warraweena Street
    Bourke NSW 2840

  • Spar City West

    113-119 Marcus Clarke St
    Canberra City ACT 2600

  • SPAR Molong

    27-33 Bank Street
    Molong NSW 2866

  • SPAR Rivett

    1 Rivett Pl
    Rivett ACT 2611

  • SPAR Warren

    118 Dubbo Street
    Warren NSW 2824

  • Spilt Milk Bar

    113 Heifer Station Lane
    Borenore NSW 2800

  • Stones Throw

    56c Fox St
    Walgett NSW 2832

  • Supa IGA Oberon (Mawhoods)

    141 Oberon Street Oberon NSW
    Oberon NSW 2830

  • SUPA IGA Yass

    63 Laidlaw St
    Yass BSW 2582

  • Swifty's Drive Thru

    80 Ricardo St
    Wanniassa ACT 2903

  • Taralga General Store

    34 Orchard St
    Taralga NSW 2580

  • Taylor's Family Butchery

    21 Opal St
    Lightning Ridge NSW 2834

  • The Agresitc Grocer

    426 Mitchell Hwy
    Bletchington NSW 2800

  • The Argyle Inn - Taralga

    80 Orchard St
    Taralga NSW 2580

  • The Black Apron

    130 Ploughmans Lane
    Orange NSW 2800

  • The Bon Pavilion

    159 Mann Street
    Gosford NSW 2250

  • The Cellar by Gilbert

    137 Ulan Road
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • The Coffee House at Parkview

    99 Market St
    Mudgee NSW 2850

  • The Conservation Hut Cafe

    Fletcher St,
    Wentworth Falls NSW 2782

  • The Crisp Galleries

    28234 Hume Hwy
    Browning NSW 2582

  • The Cupcake Room

    131 Balmain Rd
    Leichhardt NSW 2040

  • The Def Chef

    1/43 Macquarie St
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • The Dish Cafe

    476 Telescope Rd,
    Parkes NSW 2870

  • The Dome Cafe

    Siding Spring Observatory
    Coonabarabran New South Wales 2357

  • The Doughnut Department Pty Ltd

    2 Alinga St
    Canberra ACT 2601

  • The Ethic at Double Bay

    Shop 1/401 - 407 New South Head Rd
    Double Bay NSW 2028

  • The Gallery Dubbo

    76 Wingewarra Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • The Gathering Bungendore

    Bungendore NSW 2621

  • The Gourmet Gecko

    7A Opal Street
    Lightning Ridge NSW 2873

  • The Green Bowl Café

    Shop 18b Eastpoint Food Fair
    Edgecliff NSW

  • The Green Kitchen By Peter Rowland

    Shop 3/1 Kiaora Road, Double Bay
    Double Bay NSW 2028

  • The Handlebar Stromlo

    Stromlo Forrest Park, Opperman Avenue
    Stromlo NSW 2830

  • The Hen and Bow

    4/13 Marsden Lane
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • The Hide Out Cowra

    38A Young Road
    Cowra NSW 2794

  • The Hub 2829

    2 Namoi Street
    Coonamble NSW 2829

  • The Mad Season Cafe

    1/49 William Street
    Bathurst NSW 2795

  • The O'Connell Café and Store

    2431 O'Connell Rd
    O'Connell NSW 2795

  • The Oily May Espresso Bar

    223 Maitland Rd
    Mayfield NSW 2304

  • The Ploughman Cafe

    34 Orchard St
    Taralga ACT 2580

  • The Port of Bourke Hotel

    32 Mitchell Street
    Bourke NSW 2840

  • The Spence Grocer

    1/1 Gassey Place
    Spence ACT 2615

  • The Studio Trangie

    16 Dandaloo Street
    Trangie NSW 2823

  • The Universal Eatery

    66 Albion Street
    Oberon NSW 2787

  • The Village Grocer - Carcoar NSW

    7 Belubula Street
    Carcoar NSW 2791

  • The Yoga Place

    6 Mitti St
    Blacksmiths NSW 2281

  • Tibuc Gardens Cafe

    74 Tibuc Trail
    Coonabarabran NSW 2357

  • Tinker Tailor Casey

    15 Kingsland Parade
    Casey ACT 2913

  • Tootsie Fine Art & Design

    289 Comur St
    Yaas NSW 2582

  • Totten Café

    83 Umang Street
    Tottenham NSW 2873

  • Town & Country Restaurant

    52 Marshall St
    Cobar NSW 2835

  • Trangie IGA

    26 Dandaloo Street
    Dubbo NSW 2823

  • Trangie Mini Mart

    63 Narromine Street
    Trangie NSW 2823

  • Trinity Heights IGA

    13 Marsden Ln
    Kelso NSW 2795

  • Tutto Delicatessen

    142-152 Mawson Place
    Mawson ACT 2607

  • Walgett IGA

    36 Fox Street
    Walgett NSW 2832

  • Walkabout Cafe Dubbo

    Dubbo Farmers Markets
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • Walkabout Cafe Orange

    Orange Farmers Market
    Orange NSW 2800

  • Warren Coffee House

    109 Dubbo St
    Warren NSW 2824

  • Warren SUPA IGA

    106/108 Dubbo Street
    Warren NSW 2824

  • Wattle Café

    240 Great Western Hwy
    Blackheath NSW 2785

  • We Are Toasted

    Unit 146 Mode 3 Building, Lonsdale St Braddon Canberra
    Canberra ACT 2612

  • Wellington Woolworths

    81 Arthur St
    Wellington NSW 2830

  • West Bake

    38 Victoria Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • West Dubbo IGA

    38-40 Victoria Street
    Dubbo NSW 2830

  • West Wyalong Bernardis SUPA IGA

    12-20 Barnado Street
    West Wyalong NSW 2671

  • Westpoint IGA Bathurst

    1 Wark Parade
    Windradyne NSW 2795

  • Whisk Away Vintage Van

    65 Temoin Street
    Trangie NSW 2823

  • White Rose Cafe

    48 Bolaro St
    Dunedoo NSW 2844

  • Wiffens Fyshwick

    G16 Dalby street Fyshwick Fresh Food Market
    Canberra ACT 2600

  • Wise Monkey Café

    4 Berowa Waters Road
    Berowra NSW 2081

  • Yarralumla IGA

    21-23 Bentham Street
    Yarralumla ACT 2600

  • Yeoval Gift & Homeware House

    23 Forbes Street
    Yeoval NSW 2826

  • Zin House Mudgee

    Tinja Lane
    Eurunderee NSW 2850


Little Big Dairy Co | The Team

The Little Big Dairy Co is a family-run business, owned and managed by the Chesworths.

Steve and Erika have lived on the land their whole lives, and they love what they do. Steve can name every single one of their 800 Holsteins, and Erika rears all of their calves.

Emma is part of the new generation of Chesworth dairy farmers. She manages the factory, and works with her husband Jim and Erika on the direction of the business.

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Fair trade

Dubbo’s Little Big Dairy Company has become the first dairy processor in Australia to be certified as a Fairtrade Flavoured Milk producer, committed to the exclusive use of fairtrade cocoa, coffee, sugar and vanilla in the production of their new flavoured milk range.

Little Big Dairy Co | Single Source Milk | Full Cream | No Cream | Less Cream | Dubbo NSW Australia 2830

“We've teamed up with a great 100% Australian owned, Fairtrade accredited company, República Coffee to create our delicious Fairtrade Coffee Milk,” said Emma.

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Little Big Dairy Co. | Fair Trade

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