Western Magazine: Sunrise visit Dubbo, Little Big Dairy as part of drought tour

Sunrise filmed in Dubbo at Little Big Dairy Company after an operational and safety decision meant they were unable to film at the Dubbo saleyards as they had originally announced. 

A Dubbo Regional Council spokesperson said given the number of semi-trailers, cars and people working on site transporting stock, preparing for and conducting a sale the site was not considered suitable for filming an outside broadcast over an extended period.

“Alternative locations were suggested and Sunrise have been fully cooperative with (council),” the spokesperson said.

The decision not to film at the saleyards was a win for Little Big Dairy Company who welcomed the Sunrise team to their property on Thursday morning. 

Little Big Dairy Company director Emma Elliott said it was lovely to welcome Sunrise to their property.

”They are working hard to show a real and balanced view of the impact drought is having,” Ms Elliot said.

“Sunrise has worked hard to profile a variety of farmers and their communities. We know at Little Big Dairy, our success has spiraled from the support of our local community.” Ms Elliot said the drought has impacted their farm.

“Purchase feed costs and availability are major. We are blessed with access to underground water for irrigation and have centre pivots,” she said.

Ms Elliot said as dairy farmers they rely on other primary producers for fodder, and their business is directly impacted by what is happening on cropping farms as well.

”It is important for us as primary producers who have a relationship and responsibility to our end consumers to be open and transparent,” she said.

“We hope that consumers are made aware that their dollar can make an impact to the sustainability of local farmers. When you purchase from a local Australian owned company, you can be assured of the quality and sustainability.”

Earlier this month Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew told viewers she was undertaking a 1000 kilometre journey to “shine a real light” on the drought.

 Raising awareness: Sunrise host Edwina Bartholomew paid a visit to Little Big Dairy on Thursday. Photo: Edwina Bartholomew, instagram.

Her first stop was at Coonabarabran, then Armatree, followed by Come By Chance before finishing in Bathurst on the Friday.

The journalist also told viewers that she would be at the Dubbo Saleyards on the Thursday.

Edwina told the Daily Liberal that the drought tour has been a positive way to cover what’s been a tough time.

“The (drought) campaign continues beyond this week,” she said.

Edwina said people in the city may be feeling guilt after only recently hearing about the drought through the media.

“We hope to keep the issue in the national headlines, because it’s going to continue for a long time,” she said.

Sunrise will be coming to Forbes in September as part of Rural Aid’s Mega Farm Rescue event.

“The campaign continues beyond this week,” she said.

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