Little Big Vs Covid-19

What we are implementing to deliver our milk directly to YOU.

Little Big as a farm, family and business have always been innovative thinkers. It is our mission to milk, process, bottle and deliver delicious Single Sourced milk to you, our customers. We are passionate about what we do and from this passion, our diligent team are prepped in adapting to these unprecedented changes.

Change is something not only Australia and more closely, the Central West is facing. The whole world is facing change, in a matter of a few days our lives have been turned upside down. While this is a scary time for all, here at Little Big we have identified this, and we are adapting to this change.

While we are adapting to these hard times there are somethings here, at the farm that we are not changing.

Single Sourced. Having the ability to continue to milk and bottle products that have come from one source. This is something Little Big has always sustained and will continue to do so. This is an advantage for us and you, as customers because we can guarantee the milk you are drinking has come directly from our farm and that you are being delivered a safe and hygienic product.

Following this, is the continued, A Grade standard of hygiene in our factory. We already work in a space that is sanitised and cleaned regularly. These practices will continue into our packing, office and delivery spaces.

Now for the exciting news.

Talking about change and adapting, Little Big have worked hard to bring to you our new delivery system. You will now be able to order milk on our website and our delivery drivers will drop your milk off, directly to your house.

Of course, With every new project there are teething issues, so for now we will be delivering only to the Dubbo, Newcastle and Coffs Harbour regions.

We will monitor this and re-evaluate once systems are in place to deliver to you all.

Home Delivery available to Coffs Harbour, Dubbo and Newcastle

Things you need to be remember:

Our online system has been designed so you can place an order and it be delivered to your door.

Your box of milk is refrigerated all the way up until it is placed at your door, so you need to make sure you are home so it can go straight into your fridge.

The box of six will be $35, delivered and it will contain our award-winning, single sourced, full cream milk.

If you are not in the designated delivery areas, you will still be able to grab your favourite Little Big product at your local supermarkets.

We would like to thank our customers for supporting us and each other in these trying times and we are sure that with this new delivery system in place, you will still be able to receive your favourite Little Big products from the comfort of your own home.


The Team from Little Big.