Daily Liberal: Big Little Dairy's feed costs double during drought

COSTS for fodder have more than doubled for one Dubbo region farmer following widespread drought across the state.

With 100 per cent of NSW now declared in drought, many farmers have been sourcing feed from as far away as Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

One of those farmers is The Little Big Dairy Co which is located to the west of Dubbo.

A dairy spokesman told Channel 7’s Sunrise on Thursday morning that his feed costs had more than doubled.

“We had a fair amount of our hay locked in already at 200 a tonne,” he told Sunrise.

However, in the last few months he has had to source feed from as far away as South Australia due to the lack of available feed in NSW.

“It’s landing here up towards 440 a tonne,” the dairy spokesman said.

“No matter how much you plan and think you have bases covered, it seems to have no limit with the price [of feed].”

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