Top 3 Considerations When Choosing Ingredients for the Menu in Your New Cafe

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and open your own cafe. Congratulations! Opening your own cafe can be very exciting and rewarding. But if you’re left wondering how to open a cafe and you need some tips to get started, we have you covered. Choosing the right ingredients and creating the right menu can make or break a business but what you can create entirely depends on your goals and budget. Are you looking to prioritise flavour? Perhaps you want to be budget-friendly for your customers? Or maybe sustainability is your priority? Understanding your vision will make the process as seamless as possible. Establish the atmosphere you would like to create, the aesthetic for your cafe and the types of food and drinks you’d like to serve. When considering how to start a cafe business in Australia, your vision provides a staple foundation. And when choosing ingredients, here are some things to know before opening a café.

Choose a Reliable Supplier

Near the top of your ‘opening a café’ checklist should be sourcing a reliable company that will supply your essential ingredients. Your drinks and food items are what will keep the wheels turning in your cafe so choose a reliable supplier that won’t let you down. Ensure that they have the ability to fulfil your orders - no matter how large, the timeliness to deliver your orders on time - every time, and top-quality customer service to ensure prompt and effective communication.

Remember, a good working relationship with a supplier will ease a lot of stress, especially in the early days. Doing a little extra research and planning ahead of opening will allow you to hit the ground running.

Prioritise Quality at all Times

Quality is an area that shouldn’t be compromised when opening a cafe. The cornerstone of a cafe is the quality of its ingredients and should be a top consideration when starting your business. The prospect of a new cafe in town will entice customers in, but it’s the quality of your ingredients and the taste of your food and drinks that will ensure your customers return time and time again.

Stick to Your Ethical Views

Your cafe is an extension of your ethical views, and it’s important that your vision is authentic to yourself. If you believe in sustainable living and free-range food products, be sure that these views are reflected in your cafe. Consider what is a priority in your neighbourhood and society. The move towards environmentally friendly, sustainable living could provide a fantastic selling point for your cafe. In this instance, sourcing ingredients from sustainable farms and suppliers such as ethically sourced dairy products should be a priority.

How to Start a Cafe

Getting your ingredients right is key when opening a cafe in Australia. Ensure that your dairy products are high in quality, sourced from happy cows and a sustainable farm by choosing Little Big Dairy Co. Providing free-range, farm-fresh milk directly to your door, your cafe will be off to a great start. Get in touch today for more information.