ABC Open: From the udder to the bottle

Not far out of Dubbo is a dairy farm with a difference.

Family owned and operated, the Little Big Dairy Company is unique for having on-farm processing. The Chesworth family, themselves 6th and 7th generation dairy farmers, are responsible for rearing and handling the cows, milking, and bottling in the processing plant on-site. Their ‘single source’ milk is then distributed to supermarkets, cafes and farmers’ markets around the Western Plains and Central West of NSW.

This video follows the journey of milk from its creation on the green pastures of the Macquarie River flats to the conveyor belt of the farm's high-tech processing plant. With 850 milking cows (all known by name by dairy owner Steve), a three times daily milking rotation, and twice-weekly bottling (producing 11,000 litres a week under the company name), there was plenty of action to capture with time-lapse.

Watch Timelapse video here →