5 Ways to Keep Your Regular Customers Happy


So, you’ve opened your cafe and established a foundation of regular customers. But how do you ensure that these regular customers stay loyal? Building a loyal customer base is vital for success and an area that you should prioritise. Regular customers not only boost your revenue but also contribute to the warm, inviting atmosphere that makes your cafe special.

Wondering how to enhance customer loyalty? We have you covered.

Fantastic Customer Service

It goes without saying that if you are providing exceptional service, your customers will take note and remember your business. Ensure that they are greeted with a friendly smile and positive attitude and served in a timely manner. Consistency will build trust with your customers, and they’ll feel confident that they’ll be walking into a warm atmosphere whenever they set foot on your premises. Remember, a strong foundation will go a long way. 

Showcase Your Values

If you pride yourself on your sustainable approach, your free-range products and ethical suppliers, then showcase it. Customers who align with your values will feel a sense of belonging when they are in your cafe. And a sense of belonging ensures that first-time customers become regulars, and regular customers stay loyal.

Start a Loyalty Programme

Providing incentives to your loyal customers will go far. Offer discounts and perks such as a free drink or snack for those who continuously return. This will make your customers feel good about purchasing and give them motivation to choose your cafe over your competitors. Your loyalty programme could even provide sneak peeks or early access to new products. No matter the type of programme you choose, your customers will feel valued and appreciated.

Listen to Your Customers

Don’t rely on guesswork to understand how your customers are feeling. Give regular customers a voice and show that you care about their opinions. Consider which products they are raving about and why that might be. From verbal comments while they are being served to feedback on social media, there are many ways in which you can listen to your customers. And if they feel like they are being heard, they will continue to stay loyal.

Continuously Make Improvements

Just because you have a foundation of regular customers, it doesn’t mean that they will stay loyal forever. Ensure that you are continuously improving your cafe and enhancing your practices to stay up to date. If your technology is up-to-date, fast and user-friendly, it will provide a better customer experience and streamline your service. Showing willingness to improve won’t go unseen by your regulars.

Retain Your Customers with Little Big Dairy Co.

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