10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Plastic Milk Jugs

Almost every residential and commercial space has plastic milk jugs - some businesses such as cafes go through a huge quantity each and every day. While most end up being recycled, some end up in general waste. But with a little creativity, you can repurpose milk jugs into useful everyday items. 

Here are 10 ways to upcycle milk jugs for you to try.

Watering Cans

Simply poke some small holes in the cap of your milk jug, then fill it with water and tip it upside down. The lightweight design is easy to use, and the controlled flow of water ensures that your plants get the perfect amount of hydration.


Use the bottom half of a plastic milk jug as a planter for shallow-rooted plants or seedlings. If you leave the handle intact when creating, you can use it to hang your planter. And the best part? You can get creative decorating and personalising too!


Only too often our plants and seeds are targeted by birds. But this is easily resolved by creating a DIY cloche from a used milk jug. Just cut off the top and place it over your plants. And if your plants need extra air, simply add some holes or unscrew the cap.


Funnels are a staple addition to any household or business. Just cut the jug in two and remove the cap to use. From transferring liquids between containers to filling up your car with water, it provides you with a great deal of versatility.

DIY Irrigation Systems

For a DIY irrigation system, punch holes in the sides of the jug and bury underground with the cap poking out. Fill with water as and when you need it, and the jug will ensure the soil deep into the ground is hydrated.


From pet food to compost, scoops always come in handy. Cut your jug to the size you want, remembering to keep the handle intact and discover how useful a scoop can be!

Storage Pots

If you need an endless supply of storage containers, repurposed milk jugs are a must! Just cut to size and use. From nuts and bolts in the garage to toiletries in the bathroom; you’ll organise your home in no time.


With a flexible yet rigid edge, upcycled milk jugs are perfect for sweeping up dust and debris. Empty as required and when it becomes a little worse for wear, simply repurpose another milk jug.


Create outdoor lanterns by punching holes or cutting shapes into the side of a used milk jug. Then add battery-powered tea lights or fairy lights inside to add a little magic to your space.

Bird Feeders

Cut out windows big enough for birds and fill your used milk jug with seed. Enjoy daily visits from your new feathered friends whilst contributing to wildlife conservation.

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