Pouring Cream

I'm so excited to bring our Pouring Cream to you. It's everything we believe in captured in a bottle.


100% pure cream with no additives. 42% butter fat content. We love this one for cooking, whipping and butter making.

Size Options

Bottle: 1L Pot: 300mL


Pure cream

Nutritional Information

Average Per Serve Average Per 100
Energy 138KJ 1380KJ
Protein 0.2G 2.3G
Fat, Total 3.6G 35.5G
- Saturated 2.3G 22.8G
Carbohydrate 0.2G 1.8G
- Sugars and Lactose 0.2G 1.8G
Sodium 4MG 36MG


2017 NSW DIAA - Gold
2017 Australian DIAA - Silver
2016 NSW DIAA - Gold
2016 Sydney Royal - Silver

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