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Dubbo Dairy First in Australia to Commit to Fair Trade Flavoured Milk!

Dubbo’s Little Big Dairy Company has become the first dairy processor in Australia to be certified as a Fairtrade Flavoured Milk producer, committed to the exclusive use of Fairtrade cocoa, República coffee and vanilla in the production of their new flavoured milk range. “When you buy our delicious coffee and chocolate flavoured milk, you can be assured that we have paid a fair price to the farmers who supply the raw ingredients we add to our premium quality milk,” stated Emma Elliott, Factory Manager for the Chesworth family’s Little Big Dairy Company.

Little Big Dairy Co Fairtrade Chocolate and Coffee flavoured milk is on sale here.

“We produce all of our own milk for our new processing factory on our own Dubbo dairy farm. We proudly buy all of the extra fodder we need to feed our dairy cows from farmers living within a 200km radius of our property at Dubbo, and now all our flavoured milks are also Fairtrade accredited, which means we are supporting farmers in developing countries too!” said Emma.
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According to Fairtrade Australia New Zealand, consumers who buy coffee or chocolate flavoured milk displaying the Fairtrade logo are helping to ensure the world’s poorest farmers are getting a decent price for their coffee and cocoa bean crops.

“We believe in sustainable farm production – not just for us, but for everyone we work with. As part of this sustainable farming philosophy we have committed to using only Fairtrade accredited coffee and cocoa in our factory,” said Emma.

Emma’s Mum, Erika Chesworth, is in charge of making the coffee and chocolate syrups for the Little Big Dairy Company flavoured milk range.

“Using Fairtrade suppliers for our new milk products made perfect sense to us as a farming family that believes in sustainable and ethical production. It was a natural fit for us to link up with Fair Trade accreditation,” explained Erika.

“When I go shopping I look for Fairtrade on the supermarket shelves, because it’s important to us that all farmers who grow the products we buy, are paid a fair price.”

“We also decided to make our own syrups for the flavoured milk range so we can be sure there are no preservatives or chemical additives in our fresh milk.”

“Our chocolate and coffee flavoured milk has a pure, authentic flavour that can only be achieved because we are using real coffee and real chocolate ingredients instead of artificial flavours.”

“Our Little Big Dairy Flavoured milk has a fresh taste that’s so much nicer than the artificial flavours and preservatives on offer in so many other flavoured milk brands,” said Erika.

The Chesworth family is confident that people will love these fresh, real flavours and will find it hard to go back to artificial tasting milk!

Emma Elliott says the other advantage of sourcing coffee and cocoa powder exclusively through the Fair Trade supply chain, is that they’re get to work with like-minded people who are also committed to fair trade and ethical production.

“We've teamed up with another 100% Australian owned, Fairtrade accredited company, República Coffee to create our delicious Fairtrade Coffee Milk,” said Emma.

“We are also making a deliciously indulgent Fairtrade Chocolate Milk, using only Fairtrade accredited cocoa and vanilla essence ingredients in combination with the premium quality Little Big Dairy Co single source milk supplied by our very own herd of fabulous Holstein dairy cows.”

“The Little Big Dairy Company is a 100% family owned and run Australian farming business. We milk the cows and we work in the processing factory, and we are absolutely committed to supporting the local economy that supports us here in Central Western NSW.”

“We are also committed to supporting fellow farmers across the globe, which is why we’re so proud of our Fairtrade certification,” declared Emma Elliott.

Find out more about the Little Big Dairy and our Single Source milk online at: www.littlebigdairy.co or contact Emma Elliott on 0412 560 304.
For more information about Fair Trade Australia NZ accreditation log on to: www.fairtrade.com.au

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